In October 2004, Congress amended the EEOICPA with Part E which provides compensation and medical benefits for DOE contractor and subcontractor employees whose illnesses were caused by exposure to any toxic substance while working at a DOE facility. Qualified survivors are the spouse of the employee and children who were either under the age of 18, full time students under the age of 23, or any age and incapable of self support at the time of the employee’s death. The passage of this legislation means some individuals who have received payments under the existing Part B may be eligible for a new federal payment if qualified under Part E.

For more on what types of diseases and illnesses are covered under the EEOICPA, including Beryllium Disease, Beryllium Sensitivity and Chronic Silicosis, check out the EEOICPA care page.

*Information on Parts B and E of the EEOICPA program was gathered from the U.S. Department of Energy website