When you receive your EEOICPA Recommended Decision regarding your EEOICPA claim in the mail, it’s important that you read the recommendation letter and accompanying materials thoroughly.  The recommended decision may cover either all or some of your claimed conditions, and different parts of the decision may require different actions on your part.  After the district office issues the recommended decision, your case file is sent to the Final Adjudication Branch (FAB) for review and issuance of a final decision.

At that point, after the Final Adjudication Branch (FAB) sends you their final approval letter, you can choose to agree or disagree with the recommended decision.

If you agree with ALL of the recommended decisions, you can sign the waiver of objections included in the decision packet and return it to the FAB.  By signing this form, you indicate that you are not going to challenge any of the conclusions in the recommended decision.

If you agree with PART of the recommended decisions, you can sign what is called a Bifurcated Waiver, in which you will describe which parts of the recommended decision you agree with and which parts you disagree with.  At that point, you can request a hearing or review of the written record on the portion you disagree with.  In this case, you may be issued two separate final decisions.

If you disagree with ALL of the recommended decisions, you have 60 days from the date of the recommended decision to file objections.  These objections must be in writing and must state the reasons for your disagreement.  You may request a hearing on your objections, but you are not required to request a hearing.

Your Haven Home Health Care expert-trained staff member can help you with the analysis of your recommendation and the subsequent steps you need to take to finalize the recommendation.  For help with this process, simply contact the Haven Home Health Care team.