Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is under the authority of the United States Department of Energy (DOE) and is located in Washington State. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory began official operations in 1965 and is still in operation today. PNNL’s first mission was the research and development involved in relation to the manufacturing of nuclear energy. Early researchers at the PNNL were responsible for developing the standards and devices used for setting and measuring radiation doses received by nuclear workers. PNNL researchers continue to work today in the development of processes used to effectively cleanup hazardous waste and radioactive materials.

PNNL operated on property at the Hanford Site until the end of 2004, but eventually opened a separate facility in Richland, Washington. For purposes of the EEOICPA, PNNL is considered part of the Hanford Site for all employees who worked for PNNL through the end of 2004. Because of the long-running history and continued work at PNNL, EEOICPA claimants are eligible to file both Part B and Part E claims for compensation.