After your EEOICPA claim is approved, you will receive a Medical Benefits Identification Card (often called a “White Card”). The card should be presented at the time of treatment for any accepted conditions that you have been approved for under your EEOICPA claim. The front side of your card will contain your name and the diagnosis code for the condition(s) you have been approved for.  It will also state that there is no co-pay or deductible expense to be paid by you.

The back of the card contains the address that your physician needs to send bills to, and a toll-free telephone number for medical billing questions. It also contains a 10-digit number for Internet access to your medical billing file that will allow you to check the status of your medical bills.

It’s important that you present your Medical Benefits Identification Card every time you go to the doctor for treatment.  Showing your medical provider your EEOICPA Medical Benefits Identification Card will help the medical provider bill for services properly. It should be noted that you also must provide your Social Security number to the medical provider when you present them with your Medical Benefits Identification Card.